Polycarbonate Products

Providing you the best range of Lexan Make Poly Carbonate Sheet, PVC Door Curtains, Industrial Plastic Bushes, Plastic Welding Rods (PP HDPE PVC) and Polytechnic Acrylic Rods with effective & timely delivery.

PVC Door Curtains :

These are used to control temperature loss, dust, spray, fumes and noise.reduces heat or cold air loss.It restricts movements of air pollutants such as dust, dirt, smoke, fumes. It admits light and also isolates noisy machinery. T's contemporary design, an intruder-proof exterior door, and the combination of high level of speed-safety-reliability make the spiral door to an innovative door, that represents the state of art of technology.

Industrial Plastic Bushes :

Plastic Welding Rods (PP HDPE PVC) :

Polytechnic Acrylic Rods :